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Sponsorship and Bulk Discount

Fellow Blockchain Enthusiast,

As a Blockchain supporter, you know how important financial responsibility is. You also know

the importance of technological innovation.

The great news? You can now educate our youth on these priorities while making it fun along the way!

Here’s how..

Probably the 1st Full Graphic novel series ‘Wish I Knew’ shares fun learning experiences with our children while educating them on financial responsibility at the same time. ‘Wish I Knew’ is the first adventure comic of its kind, which solves all the learning obstacles about technology, finances, and much more.


Plus you can use this book in all of your marketing and sales channels too.


‘Wish I Knew’ is an 85 page, comic-sized adventure book. It’s highly-educational, fun, and

bonds parents and children together while they read about:


● Technological innovation

● The history of money

● Blockchain, Bitcoin, and so much more...

● All while making it playful, fun, and intimate all at once!


Here’s how you’ll benefit when you support this project:


Just send me an email wishIknewcomics@gmail.com

2. We’ll review your inquiry, and will gladly give you more information, and your discount


3. If you choose to support Wish I Knew, we’ll feature you and give you favorable listings

on our sponsorship material: including your logo, your business information, and more so

you can gain more exposure and new clients!


Remember: these comic books will be yours to keep so you can share and educate children as

Or you can give them out to clients, or use them as educational material in your

marketing and sales!


(If you’re interested in bulk orders, let us know and we can send you a custom bulk discount.)


You can get more details right away at www.WishIKnewComics.com


Karen New 

Blockchain Advocate

Speaker and Author


P.S. Lets connect soon.

Once you do, we can answer any questions, send you discount codes, and discuss how you

can gain sponsorship for supporting this comic series! (For bulk orders, we offer customized

sponsorship pages for your company and much more - email us for more information.)

We look forward to your reply, and more importantly, we are excited for you to join us in

our mission!


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The Alliance of Independent Authors - Author Member

@copyright WishIknewComics

Wish I knew

Head Office - World of Light