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This comic book contains knowledge I wish the next generation will learn early in their life.

I visit my nephew weekly to share with him to financial knowledge, Bitcoin, IOT etc..... To my surprise, he is receptive to new ideas. And he's honest and straight forward answers are so enlightening. 

One of the most vivid responses from Koey was when I told him that Bank took our money to lend other people to make money. And he exclaimed: "The bank steal our money!"  I never thought it this way for sure : ) 

Often adult's mind is cluttered with many pre-conceived ideas that hinder our understanding of technology advancement that is happening rapidly. In the next decade, we are going to witness a significant paradigm shift. By using a comic book, I hope parents will be able to open their mind while they read this book for their kids.


Anyone who loves to learn about Blockchain and Bitcoin may see this as an easy entry to the future life with this up and coming technologies.

I wish to use this comic book to spread positive thoughts and gather people to do well too.  

May all of us lead a happy life!

About the author

Karen New grew up in a small, close-knit village in Singapore. Always fascinated with the work of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Karen knew at a young age she wanted to pursue a career in technology. With the advent of cryptocurrency, she found her true passion. At twenty-two, she began her own start-up and has since branched into becoming a successful technopreneur.


Currently, she is a blockchain advocate, speaker, and author. She was an adjunct lecturer at Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy where she uses her experience and knowledge to educate up-and-coming tech researchers.


Karen has been featured on many Asian media outlets - including The Strait Times, Channel News Asian, and Money Week - for her work in the crypto-markets. Karen spends much of her free time seeking out new challenges to conquer and new technology to explore. After her first book, New Assets, sold over 10,000 copies, Karen turned her attention to producing her passion project, an all-ages graphic novel advocating cryptocurrency literacy.

She can be contacted on Linkedin @KarenNew

Or email at wishIknewcomics@gmail.com


















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