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A Fun Way To Introduce The Future Of Finance And Technology To Your Little One

The decentralized crypto-economy is here. But it’s neither too late nor too early to introduce the future of finance and its technology to your little one. With a charming story, this comic book explains cryptocurrency-related topics such as Blockchain, Bitcoin, DAO, etc. in a simple and fun manner. If you want to make sure your child is well prepared to face the future, this could be what you need right now.


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 “What a wonderful way to kickstart a child's journey to the future with Comics”
Kevin Pang
SGTECH Blockchain Committee, Secretary of Token Economy Association

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Easy Entry to the Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency is a complicated concept to learn, but Karen – the author of Wish I Knew Comics – has done a great job by making this topic a rather simple and interesting thing to learn.

She brings to life a fantastic new story for children and parents alike, blending real-life concepts with fantastic superhero tales perfectly… which makes this book both informative and entertaining.
You see, cryptocurrency is already changing the world. As a smart parent, you know there’s no reason not to introduce your little one to the basic understanding of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it.

There’s really no downside of acquiring new knowledge. But instead, it will ensure your child won’t get left behind and always keep up in the growing decentralized economy.

"Fantastic first of its kind Comic explaining Blockchain"

Karthik Lyer
Blockchain Monk

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How Wish I Knew Comics Can Give Your Child A Head Start

You might still think it’s too early for your child to learn about finance. 
But get this:

Research shows that even a preschooler can understand the basic financial concept… and the basic financial habits could be formed by the age of seven, according to a study from Cambridge University.

Knowing about these facts… Clearly, we can’t afford to wait.
And yes, the sooner your child starts to begin instilling finance responsibility, the better it’d be. Children at a younger age can absorb information at a higher rate. They are also naturally curious about new things.

By introducing your curious child to finance and technology early on, you can…

  • Help them better prepared for the digital future of finance

  • Open future career opportunities for your child in a competitive digital world

  • Make sure your little one won’t feel overwhelmed to learn the complex concept of cryptocurrency when he/she reaches adulthood by introducing the basic knowledge early on

  • If you too are interested to learn about Cryptocurrency, learning together with your child can provide a new way of bonding with them.

  • Wish I Knew Comics are designed to be fun and informative for both children and adults.

  • You can learn with your child and experience the new ecosystem by taking baby steps together.


Why read this book?

Learn Together, Bond Together
  • Curious children who love to read and learn new things

  • Busy parents who want to help their children learn about finance and technology of the future

  • Adults who struggle with learning cryptocurrency, and want a simple and fun way to learn the concept

  • And about everyone else who's looking for an easier way to get into the decentralized crypto economy


Who is this book for?

Cryptocurrency is already changing the world… And it’s simply too big to ignore, so there’s no reason not to prepare your child for the future of finance starting today.

Sure, sparking children’s interest in learning new stuff could be challenging. But it’s doable, especially with a kid-friendly material like Wish I Knew Comics.

So why wait? Grab this book today to make your child better prepared for the future of finance.

Why Wait? Help Your Child Learn The Future of Finance, Starting Today!


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What people say

Fantastic first of its kind Comic explaining Blockchain

Karthik Iyer

Blockchain Monk

What a wonderful way to kickstart a child's journey to the future with Comics

Kevin Pang

SGTECH Blockchain Committee, 
Secretary of Token Economy Association


About the Author

Karen New is a blockchain advocate, speaker, and author who has been featured on many Asian media outlets - including The Strait Times, Channel News Asian, and Money Week - for her work in the crypto-markets. After her first book, New Assets, sold over 10,000 copies, Karen turned her attention to producing her passion project, an all-ages graphic novel advocating cryptocurrency literacy.

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