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Writing Vs Creativity

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

“Embracing passion and creativity” by Colonel Bill De Marco

To me, writing is a skill, like writing putting blocks to build a building. Writing can be done by professionals who love to write. It is a skill that I don't think I can ever do well.

So, why am I an Author?

Well, when I am young, I still score As for composition writing, the reason is I will always score well for creativity and content. But without fail, almost zero for spelling and grammar, which only takes up like 15% of the total score.

I blame it on the education system for giving me a reason to disregard spelling and grammar. However, thanks to modern tech, basic spelling and grammar can be easily solved with

There are also tons of experience writers on the internet dying to get you to engage them. And they well train and may even specialise in different kind kinds or parts of writing. Some are good at different genres, some great at specific tasks like writing video scripts, blurp that sells...

Creativity, on the other hand, I think, is what makes our content original. Anyone can write about crypto, but my conversation, style, and experience with kids brought up these unique storylines.

So, for me, creativity is what you need to be an Author. After writing the script, I get the editors and artist bring the product to life.

You can be an Author too : ) It's tedious, tiring but I feel that I may leave some small legacy behind me when I go. I hope that more people will be more prepared for the next decade of significant tech and social change. When well ready, you may ride on the wave and enjoy a better stress-free life.

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