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Step 4: Virtual Tour

Creation of the actual settings is quite fun. We all assume things according to our culture and home ground. My artist is from Brazil, so when I ask him to draw a house, for him, it means a private residence. In Singapore, most of us live in flats. That's when I realised there is a vast cultural difference. I shouldn't assume words. So, to best solve the issue, we decided to create a 3D virtual tour of the house so that our expectation is the same. With the tour, all angles, furniture type, props, gates, windows, etc. are all firmed up. Again, as it's a comics, I play around with what I think will be ideal. As usual, it's fun.

I have to attach all the furniture that I like to him and why the bottle has to be of a specific size.

I learned a lot and realised the importance of detail.

With the 3D done, it also helps in having the background one faster. Well, times have changed, there are ways to improve and speed up things without losing quality.

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