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Step 3: Character Design

Next, to make it easier for the artist to draw with minimum edits. I established the main characters. There are two main characters, Da Yi, the aunt, and Caelum. It is fun to decide between reality and what may have more appeal.

Since I am Asian, I return my dark black hair, but to make myself more appealing like in the most manga, I agree with the artist to give myself some plastic surgery that I would never do in real life, :p. That is the beauty of creation, and we can be anything!

Let you artist know

- age, height, body type

- distinctive features

- clothes and styles

- expressions and character

Take some reference pictures so that it is easier for him to visualize

This is how my character changes over time after many iterations.

v1.0 v2.0 v3.0

2nd character becomes easily after I have gone through with the first.

I wanted to have something distinctive so that the boy can be recognisable. So after much discussion with my comic artist, we decided to have a streak of hair for the boy too. So it becomes a family trait and you will be able identify this character.

Reason for this is this boy can be a nice mascot for products and more stories too.

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