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Step 2: Script Creation for Comics

First, I list down the topics I wish to cover and the flow of the story. As most of the knowledge is at the top of mind, it is not that difficult. Some of the conversations between Caelum and I are still vivid in my mind.

I researched what is required for comic script writing. In general, background, tone, target audience, scene description, and dialogue.

Within five days, 90% of my script is done! I was quite impressed with my speed.

I wake up at 730am daily so that I can write without disturbance for the next 3hrs. I rest after 1hr so that I can refresh my mind and stretch my muscle. At night, I will take a look to see if it makes sense and use to do necessary edits.

I wasn't sure how many words will mean how many panels or pages, so I tell myself to write about 1000 word a day.

By the 5th day, I have about 8,000 words.

But I feel that something is missing. Its just knowledge, not very fun.

About a week or 2 later, I watched the Movie "Wanted," then I add on the fantasy portion. It's tiring and tedious. I have to print the entire script, put on the floor, and check where to insert the scene.

Now I am satisfied. I always love fantasy, and comics allows me to do things that I cannot do in real life. I hope the kids and parents will enjoy it too.

The Challenge with script is I got to arrange it into pages and panels. It is also difficult to see my own mistake. So, I got to engage editor to look at it. We got to look at it over and over again to

- remove spelling and grammar error

- story line

After 1 month and many hours of hardware, I think the script is almost there.

I must say until I am almost want to puke haha. So, I went to a park, with my iPad. I went through again with a fresh mind.

It's tiring.

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