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Printed version on Bitcoin Halving day 12 May 2020!

Yappi! You know, seeing books on an online store or reading a book on iPad, just couldn't match the joy of holding a physical book.

All the way from UK, I was actually kinda worried that it will take a lot longer. It took 20 days and arrived on 12 May 2020. What a pleasant surprise.

Well, this is the beginning to the next phase of the most important step to take market this book. I hope more people will be ready for the new generation of Assets.

In my book, I touch on the history of money and why Bitcoin will be the next digital Gold.

From the current look at all the money printing and unemployment. We all know we are heading for a depression.

There is really a need for people to understand what is Bitcoin and get a slight amount to protect our wealth.

Iran just deleted 4 zeros from their currency. This is just the beginning. I am sure, sadly, more countries will experience HyperInflation like Venezuela and Argentina.

I hope this comics book can bring an easy entry for parents to get Ready and kids to have a glimpse of what future life may be like with the Blockchain Technology.

As some of my friends prefer hard copy still, I have order some copies to be shipped to Singapore. Then, I mail it to them. If you wish to have printed copy, feel free to click on the Order Now page. Only thing is it may take 2-4 weeks.

May all of you be bless and happy.

Stay safe in this period.

Karen New

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