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New title

This is the difficult part. I went through many. These are the titles that I have considered:

Most obvious and more for adults:

  • Blockchain, Bitcoin and Banking.

  • Decade of Change

  • Decentralised World

  • Blockchain Ready

  • Ready for New World

More for Children and comic book

  • Look Out!

  • Changes Ahead

  • Bs Coming

  • Bit Bites!

  • Mine Blocks

  • Moving Ahead

  • Life Changing

  • Block Master

  • BlockCity/Capital

  • Trendsporter

  • Magic 2030

  • Magic Money

Follow my first book New Assets

  • News Ahead

  • News in the future

  • New Village

  • New Republic

End of the Day. I choose "2030". Because the books is about future trends and how life may become in 2030. It is not just about blockchain, IoT or AI which is as a whole what the future life maybe like.

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