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Launched 2030 - The Beginning #1

My baby is born on 11.11.2019 in Singapore Time. I love the date cos Alibaba made a new record in the Singles day sale of 39billion. I feel is a great day to launch!

I am so happy. As you can see from the above, I wasn't really happy with the title and subtitle nor the full description. Marketing of books request a lot of marketing and the main page of the Amazon sales channel is very important. Thus, I tweet it again. Waiting for it to be approve to see if affects the sales.

Tomorrow, when its approve, I can then make a comparison. I wish to track my progress so that I can learn from it. Also, my readers and fellows authors, I hope this experience will also help you.

I also shared on a few channels, whatsapp and a few of my supporters. So far, within 2 hrs I can see 80 clicks to my Amazon link. I can't do much today cos there are too many events so lots of catchup to do. 80 clicks is too little, and I know so, tomorrow I shall spend more hours to promote the books. Good thing is I will be receiving 2 interviews this week. So, I think that will help.

I will focus more on publicity to see if that helps for sure.

Stay tune.

Karen New

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