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Last mile -

Today, we are at page 70 of the 84 pages. It is getting more difficult as time passes. Cos "worry" comes into the picture. You know, what if people don't like it. How would people react to it. Shall I put a "s" to this sentence.....

But I just have to move on and tell myself " everything is going to be all right". Just launch the book first!

I also have been adding in the section call "Fun Facts" so that I can show case some of the things that are interesting like asking readers to imagine what are some of the IoT devices they can think of and facts that the world has already printed too much money or maybe include information of Andrew Yang, who is promoting Minimum income in USA if he becomes President.

The will change so much with decentralized and AI.

I can't wait to share all these in the comics book. I decided to name it 2030.

Elon Mask

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