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Step 1: Concept and Story Outline

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I kind of know what I would love to share. Blockchain, bitcoin, Banking etc. But I am also want to include positive concepts and future trends.

So I have these as my key topics:

The history of money



Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Minimum Income

Internet of Things (IoT)

And Positive thoughts like;

- Feel Abundance

- Deal with boredom

- Inquisitive mind to continue learning.

Movie Poster of Wanted

Based on these subtitles, I planned out the story and started to write.

I wrote for a few days and realised that it lacks excitement.

The movie "Wanted" sparked me to write and think differently. In the film, the way it is shoot differs from most movies because it comes from a Comic. Bullets can make a turn, and human can fly from a building to another. After I watch the movie, I quickly try to find the book online. I realised the power of comics. I do not have to stick to reality.

Since it is a book, I want it to be fun. If it is just conversations between Aunt and Nephew, it will be quite dull. So I decided to add a twist to it and to create some points of engagement for parents and kids. Parents get to learn about their kids by asking some questions indicated in the book. At the end of the book, they can also present a ring with extraordinary power to encourage them to do good.


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