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Enter the Blockchain Ecosystem via Comics with your children

The speed of technology has brought a massive change in the way we live. Those prepared for the shift can leverage it and do well.

It is moving faster, that means our reaction time is getting shorter. That is why I thought a comics version would help the mass audience to understand it in a shorter time.

Here is how fast it is:

The Internet took about 13years while Smartphone only took 8 years to have user adoption to increase from 2% to 70%. How long do you think we will seek to see the popularity of Blockchain Technology?

What are the key impacts that I wish people will understand so that you may enjoy a happy life?

Money from these tech giants may be moving to your pocket (if you are part of the community)

Current tech earns money from our identity, network, browsing behaviour, and content created. With the Blockchain technology, we are able to bring all these values created to distributed to the users and community who build the network.

Most blockchain projects are opensource, and they require the community to participate. Not just developers, anyone can join a DAO, we can be marketeers, in operation, human resource etc. Coin owners get to vote for the future development of the projects too. 

2. Job Redefine

The smart contract, Artificial intelligence, coupled with decentralisation, brings a paradigm shift to how we work. Robots may replace more than 30% of the jobs. Robots are faster, cheaper and work 24/7. Not just labour intensive jobs, but robots may eventually replace even high intelligent capacity jobs like a lawyer or even doctor. 

A new set of jobs and way of working emerged with Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) emerged. Instead of working for a company from 9 to 5, we may work for multiple DAOs and select tasks. DAO brings an institutional structure change and will take time to mature. However, we can already see a few DAO bring created, and it is working. 

3. Money no longer that important

For those leverage on these technology early, as we may gain some form of minimum income by participating in the blockchain ecosystem, we can experience a secured financial life. Thus, less stress and a happy life. We no longer have to struggle to have our basic necessity met. With abundance, we can focus on creating a positive impact on the earth. All of us can collaborate and make a better world. There isn't a need to spend all your hours on earth to make ends meet. We will have time to pursue our dreams or just rest and enjoy our time on earth.

4. Refocus on Happiness

Computers have proven smarter than human in many ways. We can google about anything. So, academia results will be played down. The working-class parents stressed children to be the top in their school so that they can work and earn more money. Since money may not be as important, there isn't a need to demand kids to study well as the aim is no longer to get a good job.

Therefore, the education system can refocus on how to let children have good mental and physical health. Creativity, adaptability and ability to recognise their strength to do things that they like will be more critical. In the future, where it is a choice for us to "work" means people have a lot of time. Thus, mental health is crucial. Too much time and not knowing what to do may bring us more problem. Already, we can see a huge spike of suicide in top affluent cities.

The above are the main concepts and reason why I decided to create comics to help the mass to understand the impact of blockchain technology.

It includes parents guide with fun facts and activities for you to take baby steps to enter the new ecosystem.

It is a simple read and I tested it with my 7-year-old nephew. Hope you will grab a copy and share with more parents to get them to be prepared. Leverage on this change instead of becoming a victim.

Here is the video preview of my comic book. title;

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