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I must say after I did a competitor analysis of the books that are similar to mind, 2030, looks good against them. I actually felt better and more relieve cos I am worried. I should have done this much earlier.

1. Compare to most books on Blockchain, best sellers are priced between 2.99 to 9.99 for paperback. My favourite speaker Andreas's book being the most expensive at $34.99. Well, he has a great reputation, so I guess the price fit his status.

2. Compare to "Blockchain for babies" ok, I am surprised this search phrase came up automatically. I am thinking of "Blockchain for Children". But there are a few "cartoon or illustrated books on blockchain for babies, most of them are like 24 pages and cost between $0.99 to $9.90 for kindle and $7.99 to $23.90 for paperback.

I download the samples of the books and discovered that in terms of quality, the best unit was Bitcoin, the future of money which has 42 coloured pages, priced at $9.90 for ebook and $12.95 for paperback. However, there were no reviews so I can't even tell if its is good.

This book achieve this ranking:

Some other categories I am thinking were:

Uploading to Amazon is easy but trying to find the find the categories is difficult, I cant Children's Money & Saving Reference, so I got to ask the help desk for support.

3. Compare the cover, may have really nice covers too.

Here are some of those that I discover that have similar target audience to my book.

Almost perfect!
New title: 2030 - The Beginning

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